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    ...Lost in beauty

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    Thursday, September 28, 2006

    I know it's been a busy month for most. What's with studying for the exams and all... so I would like to say a little prayer for all you people... especially for those who knows that Jesus is their Saviour =)
    Dear Jesus, I know all these precious ones who have been studying so hard are your beloveds. You love them so much that you came down just to die for them on the cross. You have already won victory for them and they are now more than conquerors. I pray that they will have a greater revelation of your love for them. Teach them not to worry but to give you all their burdens. I ask for your shalom peace be upon them as they enter their classrooms to sit for their various papers.
    Thank you Jesus!
    In Jesus' name,
    I pray,
    Amen! =)
    Now rejoice! For victory is yours! Just have fun doing the papers, knowing that the results have already been settled by the Lord. He is with you while you sit for your papers. =D

    the beauty exposed ;

    Friday, September 22, 2006

    Whoa...it's been a while since I last blogged...haha and LOTS have happened.... Too much....haha yup been very busy with Uni life. Really enjoyed going for lectures and doing tutorials. Lol. All glory to God for helping me to adjust to this new phase. I thank God for blessing me with such an awesome friend. Haha XD
    Oh, and it's really funny. On my way home from Uni, I will always have to pass by the bus stop which is at Queenstown Mrt Station. And I will always happen to see lots of queenstownians in the buses...haha and you guys never seem to see me.
    Hmm...abit reluctant to write more about my personal life ... cos it's quite embarrassing...Yes...I have been quite confused lately.
    Ok, nevermind. Skipping that part, let me go into another interesting part of my life...coming this September 30th, I will be performing at Fort Canning an opening dance item for my church Praise & Worship Concert. It has a Chronicles of Narnia theme....snow and glitters everywhere... and it's a hip-hop dance! Haha, yes. It will be my first time dancing on the stage! And I know all my friends can't wait to see me groove to a hip-hop beat. lol...it's truely supernatural. I have always had this secret desire to dance and God has now given me this ability to dance for Him! I really enjoy all the dance practices. It's been such a blessing, all my dance sisters and the free work out! Haha
    I thank God for this opportunity to learn new stuffs and gain new experiences.
    Hugs to everyone!

    the beauty exposed ;

    Saturday, September 02, 2006

    In case you guys are wondering... WHAT HAPPENED TO MY PREVIOUS BLOG? Well, there was this person claiming he was a teacher from MOE, and started harrassing the kids tagging on my blog. I must say, that I was really touched to read all of my students' reply to this prankster. They stood up for me and most of their answers were so matured. I am so proud of them. Praise God that the guy did not interfere anymore! However, I still decided to close down the blog. Lol, I just feel uncomfortable if I continue to post there. So yup, here's my new blog! And I'm transferring all my previous posts here. Cheers!

    *Sunday, August 20, 2006*

    Last Saturday was so fun! My brother and I had lunch with 6 sec 1s at Suntec City, then we headed over to my youth church called DARE. DARE is New Creation's Church youth service for secondary school kids. They come together on a Saturday twice a month to have fun and just to know more about God. Four other sec 2s (sadly, I did not manage to take a photo with them) joined us in time for the worship where there is this very cool band with drummers, electric guitars, keyboard and singers. It was a blast, seeing all those super hyperactive and enthusiastic kids jumping to the music, and singing along to the fast or slow songs. The youth pastor is this very hilarious and happening cool dude. Get this. He was an ex-gangster! Lol, if you see him now, you will be amazed at how much he was transformed by God's love. He still looks like a gangster with dyed hair and all, but he has this charisma about him that makes everyone wants to be like him. It's just the glory of God upon him. The kids loved him because he's very comical. Those who did not went missed out on all the fun! Lol, after that, the remaining of us went to eat dinner at Sakae Sushi. Yummy! Really enjoyed myself with all of them and I thank God for such a wonderful time.

    *Saturday, August 19, 2006*

    19th August 2006. The day I will always remember. 2 precious souls were saved!!! Welcome, my dear brothers. The kingdom is yours. What awesome authority that is! Rejoice with me, everyone! It was awesome witnessing Daddy God at work, touching hearts, healing souls and impacting lives. I could have wept at the immense love of Daddy God. His love for us is so VAST, so DEEP, beyond humans' understanding. His love for us is eternal.

    What a Saviour, what a friend we have in Jesus. Just run to him. He catches us. He waits to embrace us, and pours out all his kingdom's blessings. What can He not withold from us? After all... His love for us is so great, that He could send His one and only and most precious son, to die on the cross - so that we could be forgiven of all our sins, and have eternal life. Now, who on earth will die for you? Nobody! Not your parents, no matter how much they love you, not your best friends... Nobody will be willing or able to go through the worst torture in history, so that we can now live a blessed life.

    Jesus bore all 39 stripes on his back... Do you know how the Roman soldiers whipped Him? It's not the same as caning. In the past, their whips are called the Cat of Nine Tails. One whip has nine smaller whips which will attached themselves to the body. Each whips have broken glasses, nails which will hook themselves into the body. When the soldier pulls out the whip, all the flesh would be torn out too. RIPPED from the bones. Imagine enduring it for 39 times! He was battered beyond recognition. Jesus felt the pain just like any other ordinary man. God had to come down as a man, so that He can redeem man from sins.

    Jesus could have just stopped it any time. He could have decided that no, He had enough. Just by a snap of the fingers, the angels could have brought Him back to heaven. And then the world will be lost. But no. He kept thinking of us. His love for us made Him endure the 39 strokes. The 39 stripes represent the 39 types of diseases in the world. That is why, by His stripes, we are now healed. This is one of the gifts He has given unto us. I am now able to claim healing over my body and no diseases can touch me.

    Just believe. God is so good! And I have only just begun on His goodness. lol. There is more to this love story. Jesus' journey to the cross... Imagine the cross on your back. Where there is no skin...just blood and bones. The cross was made out of wood, roughly cut out. Now, if a tiny wood splinters and your finger accidentally touches it... your finger bleeds. And it is very painful. Now visualise a huge heavy cross, with many rough edges and large splinters, rubbing against your sore back, or what's left of it. Remember His back has just bore 39 stripes! Oh my gosh. The AGONY.

    And so He carried the cross. Only love for you made Him persevere. Only the thought of you was able to nail Him to the cross. NAILS...piercing through his whole hand. It was love that held Him to the cross. What an awesome God He is. A God of love. He died for our sins and after 3 days, He rose again, declaring our victory! Now He reigns in heaven, preparing a place for us. And He lives in us through the Holy Spirit.

    Yes, Jesus is my dearest friend. I love Him and He is always so faithful to me. Do you want to know my best friend? Do you want to know who is my boyfriend? He is one cool hunky dude. Extremely handsome. Come on, He created us. Including those very good-looking pop stars you see on MTV. Lol, yes. You've guessed it! Jesus is my boyfriend, the most handsome, the most generous lover of them all. Do you want to know this Jesus better? He wants to. He died for you. Just invite Him into your life and your life will never be the same again. Trust me. I invited Him once and I had a friend for life. What is there to lose out?


    For God so loved the world,
    that He sent His one and only Son (Jesus Christ),
    that whoever believes in Him,
    shall not perish but have eternal life!
    John 3:16

    *Wednesday, August 16, 2006*

    Yay! Today I was able to go back to relief a chinese teacher (even though my chinese is like...not good XP). It was really God-incidental. Cos' I was given another opportunity to say 'Hi' to all my 7 classes. It was so fun seeing all of them again! I was really quite amused and overwhelmed when I was in 1A today. I was just chatting and catching up with some kids in the class when in rushed all those girls and boys from 1C. They just streamed into 1A to say hi! Was really touched. Heard that some of them told their teacher that they wanted to go toilet as their excuse to leave class. *Naughty naughty* haha some of the girls also just spontaneously hugged me. Was quite overwhelmed actually. =P

    *Saturday, August 12, 2006*

    It's an awesome day.
    Just felt so loved by Daddy God!
    Was prayed for by Coach Angie.
    And just felt the love of God embracing me...
    Nothing much to say today except...
    I love you, Jesus!

    *Thursday, August 10, 2006*

    Happy 41st Birthday Singapore! Wow I gotta thank the Lord for this opportunity to go with my 2 younger brothers to celebrate National Day! This year was so fun! The best! Everyone was in the spirit. It was a sea of red speckled with some white. Awesome. The funpack was so cool too. There was a nokia phone torch light (looks so real) with a very cute but powerful fan. Lots of yummy food and drinks all packed nicely into the red bag. There were other goodies too... lol. Time seemed to pass so fast... it didn't seem as boring when you are right on the scene. For a while, we were busy with our funpack, snapping photos here and there... it was really exciting. Ahh...then... FIREWORKS! Right above our heads! They gave us transparent umbrellas to shield us. The fireworks seemed to dance according to the music. Amazing and simply beautiful. Loved the fireworks...
    Thank you Jesus, for this wonderful time with my brothers. We had the time of our lives.

    *Wednesday, August 09, 2006*

    Thank You Jesus. Thank You so much.
    Monday was a bad day. First day at the University, knowing no one in my faculty. It was horrid, the feeling of loneliness. It was worst when the campus is so huge and so unfamiliar. Knowing no one, knowing nothing... I felt like I was a tadpole dropped in the humongous ocean, forced to find my own way, with no one to ask for help.
    Yet God was good. He was there for me to turn to. I turned to Him for help and He brought friends, good fellow christian brothers and sisters (Anil, Pris and Li Ru) to me during my breaks. I did not have to eat alone. They encouraged me and their presence alone was absolutely refreshing.
    I had an incident with a weird guy though. This stranger introduced himself, and stuck with me throughout the whole day! From 8.30am to 5.30pm! I felt so uncomfortable. We did talk to each other but by the end of the day, I just felt a sense of dread... because of him. Did not want to see him ever again. I will not elaborate why.
    So thus started my second day in school... Tuesday. Did not want to go to school... Lol... just like any normal students... wanted to skip school! Gosh... but I told Daddy God... I need Him. I asked Him to make it a better day. Let God choose friends for me. I will not go about seeking for friends because I would not know who are good and who are not. God knows best and He will bring me the right people and chase away the 'bad' people. I thank God that the weird guy was eliminated. Haha! And I felt so happy yesterday. I just felt the freedom and the joy in attending lectures alone. Then when I was not seeking friends, but just enjoying Daddy God's presence, He sent a girl friend to me! She happened to have almost the same timetable and I was so grateful to God for that.
    The day ended with me meeting another church leader (Agnes) in the school and I really thank God for her. She spent more than an hour chatting with me, encouraging me, and showing me around the huge campus. University is not like Junior Colleges or Secondary Schools. You have to print out lecture notes and tutorials yourself, ahead of the lesson. Where to print, how to access it to print, where to collect...etc. you have to do it all yourself. And you would not know where on the website to get the notes, it was just too complicated! You also will not know what time, where and when is your lessons. Can you believe it? Not even knowing your own timetable? You have to search for it...gosh. I am so glad for Jesus. Without Him, I would not have survived. He sent me Agnes and other christian seniors who taught me all these. I ended the day feeling so loved by Daddy God. The campus does not seem so intimidatingly huge and unfamiliar anymore. I just felt so loved.
    Thank You Jesus. Thank You so much, for loving me.

    *Saturday, August 05, 2006*

    Argh!!! Thought I could go and visit my students during the NDP celebration BUT just found out my new timetable! I have lessons and by the time I am free, it will be too late to join all of them! ='( Sigh...Ok, enough of that. Stepping out of a previous phase and into a new phase in life is always difficult. So many changes. From being a teacher and teaching and imparting knowledge, to learning and being a student again. You see, teachers are human beings. Haha, let us all embark on our learning journey together. I will share with you guys my ups and downs and hope that you all will do the same with me.
    Yup, just received my new timetable. Some days are so packed! Like lectures start at 8.30 am and end at 5.30 pm. Yet some days are great, from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm. Have to make new friends too. Everyone is new to this. Cannot comment much about this new life of mine yet EXCEPT that I claim it GOOD and FANTASTIC in Jesus' name! It will begin on Monday! =D
    Really became a stronger character as I have learnt much stepping out of my comfort zone. Lol, this teaching career has also strengthened me and taught me much. Learnt how to deal with challenges (Oh man, definitely thank God for God in those circumstances, for without Him, how to enjoy life? He always turns things around for my benefit!) and become a more confident person. Truely, I have learnt that He is always faithful and His supernatural favour and grace is always abundant. I have seen that it is because of Him that I have been transformed from glory to glory. Thank you Jesus!

    *Wednesday, August 02, 2006*

    Today was my first day not teaching after so many months. When I woke up this morning, I felt like a part of me was missing... my students. I found myself thinking about them continuously, going through past memories over and over again repeatedly. I really missed them so bad. How not to feel that something is missing when they have been a part of your life for more than half a year? There's this bond, this connection with the students and... when I woke up from those memories, there were tears in my eyes. I will come back. To see them all again. And if there are any future class outings, I will definitely join them!
    Missing my kids...

    *Tuesday, August 01, 2006*

    Oh my gosh. I am really so touched by what 1A did for me. They organised a farewell party for me after school. A few girls ( I think Shu Juan and Peiling they all) rushed off to buy cups, plates, softdrinks and ordered pizza for the party. Valerie rushed back to her home to try and print out photos to give me together with the class card. So sweet! Speaking of the card, I was so moved by what the whole class wrote for me.... It was too touching. What the students wrote, really made it more painful to leave them. Then not only that, JunTing, Jereme and Guo Hong gave me a little gift of appreciation. It really pulled at my heartstrings to know how much that students really appreciate their teachers. Gosh... THANK YOU SO MUCH 1A. Really love you guys alot. You guys are sooo fun, so loving, and so sweet. Will miss you guys so much. And I thank God with all of my heart, for the opportunity to know you guys. Stay wonderful always!
    Love, Shamane
    P.S Hopefully, tomorrow I will be free to do a ' Thank You' post for all those sweet little darlings who wrote me a card. God bless you!

    *Friday, July 28, 2006*

    What a day today was. My last day at Queenstown Secondary School. Really felt so touched and overwhelmed by all my classes. Felt so blessed to have known them, felt so honoured to have befriended them, and felt so loved by God because of them. I thank Daddy God for blessing me with such an experience. In the beginning 3rd January 2006, I remembered feeling so worried about my first day of teaching. Yet, God has been so faithful, continuously showing me that it will be Christ in me teaching, not me myself teaching. And what supernatural favour there was! Now, it hurts to leave all these little darlings. Grown so attached to them. Really enjoyed chatting with all of the kids. Thank you for all your cheers, your well-wishes, your little cards, and your love. Just want to shout out to 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1H, 2B, 2D and all those classes that I have taught before... I will miss you guys and will definitely come back in future. Love you guys, be good and always aim for the best!!! Do it not for me, but for yourselves.

    With lots of love, Shamane

    P.S I thank God for each and everyone of you.

    *Saturday, January 21, 2006*

    What Is Love?

    Love led Him to create me.
    Love was grieved when sin came in,
    stood between Love and me.
    Love ached at my impending doom,
    Love longed to hold me close,
    and so Love came down.
    Silently, Love bore my pain, my stripes.
    It was not nails that held Him to the cross,
    It was Love that nailed Him there.
    Love only thought of me;
    Love exchanged places with me,
    and was glad that I would be saved.
    Love was so unselfish,
    Love was so self-sacrificial,
    Love died for me.
    Love did not demand my heart,
    Love asked for nothing,
    Love only waits with open arms.
    What is Love?
    Love is Jesus Christ, the son of the Living God.

    *Thursday, December 08, 2005*

    Thank you Daddy God for such a blessed time of fellowshipping with my brothers and sisters these 2 days. Been away with my caregroup for a time of sharing, praise and worship and simply having a blast at the Chalet. It was an awesome experience, truely God's presence was felt all the time. I could really go on and on, but I just want to thank Daddy God for His love. Yesterday after praise and worship, Jared felt a leading to pray for all the December babies. Everyone gathered around me and Gilbert, forming a circle. It was right after praise and worship and the presence of God still lingers. Everyone started praying in tongues, and then Hsien Zhuan started the ball rolling. One by one, brother Jonathan, Jared, Shinglam, Clarence, Jingtian, Pammie, Priscilla, Jo, Clara, Pris Yong, Ruth, Elson and lastly Gilbert; they thanked God for me and proclaimed blessings over my life. During the praying session, I felt Daddy God's love so evident, radiating towards me from all my precious brothers and sisters. Thank you Daddy for your love. I know that you will always be with me, guiding me and carrying me. I pray that I will always be conscious of your love. Cos' it's by your love, that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I have no fear, cos' perfect love cast out all fear. Praise the Lord!

    *Sunday, November 20, 2005*

    It's amazing how much I've learnt and matured in my walk with Daddy God during the examinations. It's only when I looked back, that I've realised that unconsciously, God has always been working in my life, moulding me to be in His likeness! I have much to be thankful for during the exams period. Honestly, I don't know where to begin! There's just so much to be said! Haha, and of course, I haven't been online in ages. Haha =P Okie, I shall start listing all of them:1. I thank Daddy God for loving me so much! If Jesus never died to save me... I shudder to think of what will definitely befall me. It is because of Jesus' blood that I am redeemed and through salvation, I have prosperity, blessings and wholeness! And I truely thank God for his love. For I have come to the realisation that without Him, I have nothing.
    It is with Him that I have everything. He's my everything.
    * * *
    2. When you have come to the end of yourself, when no one else can help you, in the midst of despair and hopelessness, it is when you long for HOPE itself. And I thank God that because of Him, I have Hope. And Hope in Daddy God is powerful. Cos' Daddy is always faithful.
    * * *
    3. I thought this was awesome.
    Mercy = Not having what you deserve
    Grace = Having what you don't deserve
    I thank God for His Grace and Mercy.
    * * *
    4. Thank you Daddy for your revelations. Thank you for fighting all my battles for me and giving me victory! It is because of you that I am more than a conqueror. It is because of you that I don't have to strive for my results. You have already gotten it for me. And all I gotta do is to REST, and enjoy my victory! Oh man, really feels like a princess! Praise Daddy God, my King! I'm so glad that I really learn to apply what I have learnt during Pastor Prince's teachings. Hearing the word everyday really nourish my soul and benefit my physical body! Somehow, (even though this may seem unbelivable) I enjoyed studying! Studying was fun, even when I could not meet my target, even when exams were the next day and I was not prepared. Studying became fun when I studied not out of stress to get my results, but out of enjoyment knowing that my results were already there! What a breakthrough! Praise the Lord!
    * * *
    5. I thank God that I am in New Creation Church! What power there is in the foolishness of preaching! Praise God for my beloved Pastor Prince! Knowing that I have so much power and authority just in my words is awesome! Whatever lies the devil may say is of no revelance and of no harm, cos as a king priest, whatever I say will settle all controvesies! And as a King, there is power is my words. The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life! (Proverbs 10: 11) I thank God that because of Jesus, I am the righteousness of God in Christ! WOO HOO!
    * * *
    6. There are simply too many things to thank God for. But I shall end tonight with this. I thank God for such supernatural favour He has bestowed upon me. I thank God for His gift of kingly friendships. I thank God for such covenant brothers and sisters in Christ; we will mature and grow together in our walk with God, playing a part in Daddy God's divine plan in each other lives.
    * * *
    Thank you Daddy God for such awesome love.
    I am greatly humbled by your grace, cos' it's really undeserved favour.
    * * *
    Lots of Love, Daddy's Beloved, Shamane!

    *Tuesday, August 30, 2005*

    It is not about what we know,Our wisdom is limited.It is about what Jesus knows,His wisdom is all encompassing.And He is in us, the Hope of Glory!Oh what power and authority we have!Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.We reign as Kings,His favour all over us.Know this truth,and the Holy Spirit bears witness.Woo hoo! Watch out for His POWER!It's a happy happy day! :)Praise the Lord!

    *Wednesday, August 24, 2005*

    It is not the future that you strive to reach,
    But it is because you know your future is bright in His promises,
    That you enjoy your journey towards there.
    It is not a 'have to', but a 'want to!'
    Enjoy resting in Daddy's perfect love.
    For those who know that they are His Beloved,
    All things work out good!

    *Monday, August 15, 2005*
    What Jesus has called you to be...
    He will fulfill!
    Let Daddy God take care of everything. Live the
    Just be still
    watch His awesome power.

    *Sunday, August 14, 2005*

    Here's a little something I wrote recently. It's really important to identify with Christ in us, the Hope of Glory! When you start being conscious of Christ in you... ahh... that is when there is POWER! Amen! :D
    In the daily challenges I face...
    obstacles that try to stumble me.
    I look to Jesus,
    His name I lift up high.
    It is when I know that,
    I know that I know,
    Christ is within me,
    the Hope and Glory,
    and Faith rises up, just because...
    all that I have to do is REST -
    in Daddy's powerful arms,
    in Daddy's unwavering love.
    He carries me,
    and I soar!
    Above all circumstances,
    Prosperous in all that I do!

    Amen! ~ Cheers, Shamane, HIS beloved :D

    the beauty exposed ;