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    ...Lost in beauty

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    Thursday, December 21, 2006

    Whoa... so much has happened in just this month. I feel like I am soaring on the eagle's wings...flying past time into a higher level each time. First, there was the Encounter Jesus camp(so blessed to have the opportunity to serve), then there was my family camp, and last of all, History Makers Camp! Gosh... there's just so much to share!!! Let's start with the first camp...lol

    EJ Camp (5th - 8th Dec)
    I went there with a spirit of serving. I came back with a spirit of having received. It was awesome. Cos' the first day was self-effort as I found myself trying to ra-ra the kids and to get them to bond. How tiring it turned out to be. I was so uncomfortable at the fact that it was so not me at all. It was really encouraging to be reminded again by Pastor Daniel through Coach Julian that when God anoints, He gives the grace to carry you through. It's all of God, and none of me. Whew, what a burden that was lifted! It's not me that will bond the kids together, but God who will make sure that they have a great time at church! I don't have to try. (And it was really God cos Deaconess Karen prayed for me during the ministering and this was the word she said: "Don't try. Just be." Amazing. The holy spirit is so accurate! she don't even know me!)
    Lol, it was amazing what I could do the next day. I just had fun leading and playing with all those youths! I found myself jumping and dancing, cheering the group on like one siao person and just having so much fun! I was being myself, yet it was a whole new me! God has supernaturally raise me up a higher level! Gosh. In one of the games, I could even jump into the sea, and then run back to the beach to roll about in the sand! Now, for those who know me, will know that it was totally God! In the past, I absolutely detest outdoors and water games. I will just flee!!! hahaha so it's really awesome that I enjoyed myself thoroughly with the youths.
    God is really moving and exploding in the youth ministry. God is tangible. I could literally see him; his presence swept across youths, embracing each and everyone of them. So many were slain in the presence of the lord; so many were sobbing as he touched them one by one. It was awesome being a part of this great work, watching as the leaders lay their hands on the youths, hearing youths as young as primary 6 sharing how God touched them and impacted their lives. No one left the camp being the same. All were tremendously transformed. Wow. Jesus is really so good.

    Family Camp (12th - 14th)
    I experienced so many breakthroughs during the EJ camp. And it was overflowing during my family camp. We went Malacca. There's this one thing I must share. I used to have a phobia about travelling overseas. I will always fall sick on the very first day. I will sneeze non-stop and have red eyes that waters excessively; I just felt like dying. I could never enjoy myself thoroughly when I go overseas. And I have this stupid weird thing about sleeping in hotel beds. No matter how clean the hotel is, I was fearful about the 'dust' that is all around me. I will go to bed dressed in socks, long pants, jacket, gloves and hood so I will be totally covered and not an inch of my body will touch the bed. Then I wrap my arms over my body and remain as still as a corpse the entire night. Hahaha scary huh? Well, what a weird bondage. Oh! Then I will also not get to sleep peacefully cos I will keep waking up throughout the night to blow my nose. Gosh. AND I AM SO GLAD THAT DURING THE EJ CAMP, my bondage was broken! For the first time in years, I could go to all the camps, feeling totally healthy, not sick and sleep peacefully! (God gives his beloved sound sleep! Amen!) And I didn't have to even use a sweater or gloves! I could roll about in the bed without worrying if any inch of my skin is touching the bed! What freedom! LOL, I really enjoyed the holiday with my family. It was just so blessed. Haha =)

    My 2 younger brothers!

    HM6 (18th - 21st)
    This camp was for the youths from around 16 - 25. It was really double portion cos I could go for 2 different church camp in a row! During the EJ camp, I received a shepherd's portion and during this camp, I received a sheep's portion! Isn't God good? Wow. I just received REST. And so much peace, so much enjoyment worshipping Him in His presence. I felt so free, just so happy. I could dance (literally dance! Without caring the people beside me or how 'silly' I looked) and jump around praising Him. There was once I even experienced a slow tender dance with my lord Jesus! It was awesome. Will share more in the next entry... lol AHHHH!!! Jesus is just sooo good, sooo awesome, sooo loving, sooo.....WOW!!!

    Loving Jesus more everyday,

    the beauty exposed ;

    Friday, December 01, 2006

    Whoa... my exams are officially over today. 1st December...Woo hoo! Haha finally free to blog. Sooo much have happened in the past month. I am at loss at where to start. Lol. Well...since I can't think of what to write now, will just post the lyrics of my present favourite song! Haha
    The Stand
    Joel Houston (Hillsong United)

    Verse 1:
    You stood before creation
    eternity in Your hand
    You spoke the earth into motion
    My soul now to stand

    Verse 2:
    You stood before my failure
    And carried the cross for my shame
    My sin weighed upon Your shoulders
    My soul now to stand

    So what can I say
    And what could I do
    But offer this heart O God
    Completely to You

    Verse 3:

    So I'll walk upon salvation
    Your Spirit alive in me
    This life to declare Your promise
    My soul now to stand

    So I'll stand
    With arms high and heart abandoned
    In awe of the One who gave it all
    I'll stand
    My soul Lord to You surrendered
    all i am is yours

    the beauty exposed ;