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    ...Lost in beauty

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    Sunday, January 21, 2007

    " I don't believe.
    What rubbish, where got such things?"
    The boy had the most cynical expression.
    " You are lying right?"
    He had a sneer on his face.
    And He was about to leave.
    And Jesus' sweet presence swept across the room,
    touching youths,
    healing souls,
    embracing him.
    And He lingered on... his face softening. A tear slowly leak out. He quickly wiped it away, embarrassed to let anyone see it. It wasn't macho for a guy to cry. He continued listening to the pastor with wonder. He never knew that there was someone out there who really loved him. All along, he had thought that he was unwanted. He had always been told that he was a good for nothing. The first day of his life was spent in a prison ward. His mother gave birth to him in a maternity prison ward. He was put in school by his grandparents; he had tried his hardest but he knew that it was hopeless. He was too stupid. He had made up his mind to run away from home, quit school and try to get a job at some lousy restaurant.
    He was only 13 years old.
    And now, for the first time in his life, he was hearing about Jesus. That Jesus actually loves him so much that
    Jesus came down to earth,
    to die on the cross for his sins.
    That because of this Jesus, he can now reign in life!
    It was without any hesitancy, that when the pastor asked,
    would you want to invite Jesus into your heart,
    he raised his hand.
    For the first time in his life, he was sure of his decision.
    And Jesus embraced him tightly.
    " I have been waiting so long.
    It pains me so, to see you suffering.
    I have come, that you might have life,
    and life more abundantly."
    I could have wept. What a beautiful story. A lost boy, who needed love so badly, finally found acceptance and unconditional love in Jesus' arms. And I thank God, for being such a wonderful and awesome God. I thank God, for allowing me to be a part of all these. This was a true story, similar characteristics of the boy can be found in many of the youths these days. They are lost, because they need Jesus. And they do not realise it. I just spoke to one of the youth. It was only a month ago since he invited Jesus into his life. He was the most difficult boy in the school; his parents have long given up hope on him. But Jesus did not. This tough infamous gangster was supposed to be retained in Normal Technical. But he suddenly found favour with the principal who promoted him to the next level. And he gave all glory to Jesus! Wow.
    I saw another of my youth yesterday,
    the very same boy who was born in the prison ward.
    And he was praising the lord with such joy.
    He was dancing and twirling about,
    shouting out the name of Jesus.
    What a glorious sight to behold
    such uncontained and
    unashamed joy.
    And it's because of Jesus. Selah.

    the beauty exposed ;

    Monday, January 01, 2007

    It was dark. And she was so scared. It was after a long moment that she dared to approach the windows... but the blinds, they hid the windows from her reach, intimidating her with their forbidden mystery. She knows not what lies behind the blinds, nor what fortunes or misfortunes lies beyond those windows if opened. All her life, her greatest desire had been to break free of this bondage... but she could not. It was beyond her ability to open those windows. Thus was such a cruel life she led, never venturing beyond the windows, never lifting a finger to attempt to open the windows. The question is:
    did she dare to do so now?
    She did not dare.
    With a heart's cry, she called out for Jesus. And He came. Lifted her up in his arms, opened the window and soared out... towards the sun.

    2006 - Year of Acceleration

    Looking back, I realised that I have crossed many milestones. It was only a year ago when I was so filled with insecurities. I was shy, tremendously conscious and affected by what people thought of me. It was a horrible bondage, to be tied to people's view of your character. Having a low self-esteem prevented me from truely enjoying life. One can never fully go out with
    friends and just have real fun. No. A person who is conscious of oneself will always be dwelling on imaginary scenarios that seemed to be happening but in actual fact, unrealistic. I wanted to be set free! It was my prayer to the Lord.

    It starts with heart transformation, then behaviour modification.
    A prayer was all it took.
    And the breakthrough came.
    In the form of many journeys; challenges faced that seemed to be giants actually were bread.
    I recall all the journeys that took me across the year 2006.
    From graduating,
    becoming a relief teacher to 7 classes for 7 months,
    How can someone who was so shy and total lacking in self-confidence able to teach a class of 40 kids and even enjoy it so thoroughly?
    It can only be God.
    being involved in the church's Psalmist Group where I learn key values about worship & where my desire to play a guitar came to reality,
    How can someone who dislikes making new friends able to go join a new group where the entire group are from another University?
    It can only be God.

    serving in Campus Creative Unit Dance Ministry & performing hip-hop contemporary dance during Praise&Worship concert at Fort Canning Park,
    How can someone with so much insecurities able to dance hip-hop on stage? Up to this day, I remain amazed.
    It can only be God.

    to serving in DARE Ministry during EJ Camp2...
    Excuse me, but Dare Ministry is the super ra-ra, enthusiastic, fun-loving youth ministry...
    and you are the boring person who likes to stay home and slack...
    how can you survive down there?
    Haha! God raised me to a higher level! Without realising it, I have changed.
    From GLORY to GLORY.
    I was a new ME. God had been there all the while,
    right beside me. Watching over me, guiding me, and loving me.
    He had been my strength, providing me with the desire to change, to get involved, and then giving me the ability!
    I had been a christian since I was little. And I have struggled with all these insecurities while growing up. There's this desire to serve. But... just never really got to it. Was lazy and scared of commitment. But I have learnt not to despise the desire. No matter how small it is. Cos' God works by planting a desire in my heart, and sometimes I doubt if it's really God... cos I do not have the ability to fulfill my own desire! And then he provides the ability. Isn't God amazing? He uses my own weakness to magnify Him! Gosh. It's really humbling to the soul. I mean... I have so many weaknesses. And yet He chose me, to be part of His great plans. Wow. I repeat, wow.
    Stepping out of your comfort zone is never easy.
    But each time you step out, let God hold on to your hand, and you will
    To A Higher Level.
    Indeed 2006 has been a year of acceleration, and dreams fulfilled.
    I never believed. Because I could not believe that it was that easy.
    Just ASK God,
    and you will receive.
    There's nothing that I had to do. All I learnt during this journey was to let go,
    and let God.

    the beauty exposed ;