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    ...Lost in beauty

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    Sunday, March 25, 2007

    Yes! I know, I know,
    my blog seemed to be lifeless for like the longest time. Haha but that doesn't mean that the person itself is lifeless. It's because I've been

    busy !!!
    and that is why I just haven't been able to go and blog about it. lol but yup, decided that it's about time I write about what's been happening before I forget.

    DARE 2 PLAY 3! 10th March Saturday

    Ahhhh....such a memorable day man! After my mid-term test, I rushed all the way from boon lay to meet up with all the youths at clementi mrt station. Exactly 29 of my ex-students turned up! I was so excited to meet up with them. Most participated in the basket and soccer tournament. MGS was booked to host this event and it was such a sight to see 500 over youths flocking about to their various activites and games. (Eg. Street soccer, basketball, super duper fun mini mystery games which include: laser quest! human soccer! etc.)

    OK, in the second picture: look at the green guy! Whoa, can anyone guess who is he? Haha as for the first & third picture: shows the boys watching the soccer match!

    We have all kinds of different youths, from the basketball school teams to ordinary players who just want to have fun. It was awesome watching them play. The soccer gang even won the 2nd runner up!

    And right at the end, we had an exhibition match where Pastor Dan and a few other leaders played soccer. Whew...really cool to watch the ball flying here and there. lol

    Oh! I mustn't forget to mention the dinner. It was good! Yellow rice with fish, chicken, eggs...yums! The youths really enjoyed the dinner. And the best is yet to come!!!


    You enter the hall, and smoke fills the place. Laser lights flashing into the dark corners. A refreshing cool air surrounds you... (the air-conditioning la) Gosh, what an atmosphere! And the music begins. It was a blast! Lots of people were jumping and the some newcomers even got into the mood. The malay guys were doing cheeky dances to the music... lol but then, when it got to worship songs, the atmosphere shifted. You could feel it. Cos' it's God's presence, embracing everyone who was in the hall. I saw quite a few tearing. The song: I see Grace was being sung and it was most heartwarming to see how they were so touched by daddy God's love. Many seeds were sown into the youths' life that day. And more than 22 precious souls came into the kingdom of God. All glory to Jesus.

    Servers' Appreciation Night 13th March Tuesday

    It was such an exciting event for me because it's my first time privilege to be invited! It was on a Tuesday night and the entire Dare ministry was to have a dinner at Olio, Suntec City. Gosh, the company was so awesome. I was sitting with the adults leaders and just have such a fantastic time fellowshipping and just having fun. The food was yummylicious! Ooo... the impromptu performance was the most hilarious part. Jay was sabotaged by Pastor Dan to do his infamous indian dance, which he obliged, only after pulling Pastor Dan along to dance with him too! LOL! Pastor Dan dancing the indian dance was so funny! Later on, we had lots of other leaders 'saboed' to do some shaking to the music. Pastor Dan ended the night with a prayer over all of us. Gosh, it was such an awesome night. I really thank God for such a wonderful privilege. Felt so loved man.

    Dare Group Session 24th March Saturday

    Whoa... yesterday was our very first DG session for the year! Woooohoo! 19 turned up for DG at Sam's house. It was soo exciting cos we know and expect great things to happen during DG. DG will be such an awesome opportunity for the youths to come and be blessed together. So yesterday was the orientation day where the youths have to write down their expectations for DG. Some wrote: Commando Friends, Blessed friendships, get to know God better... I really believe that they will be so blessed by DG. And I thank God once again for this awesome privilege to serve and be so ultimately blessed!

    Gosh... to be honest, the initial adaptation phase of balancing serving with studying wasn't easy in the beginning. All the confusion, questioning, challenges... I must say it seems to be a rather long journey but yet, it is all over so fast! Truely acceleration and I found that I've risen to another level. Yes, there will still be challenges here and there, (especially for my Computer Engineering studies) but I know that with God on my side, going ahead of me, it will be easy. Time given up is but only 10% and the 90% will be blessed. No one can ever outgive God! So I'm expecting breakthroughs in the area of my studies!!! Whee!!!

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