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    Saturday, July 28, 2007

    GOsH, i cAN't beLIEVe iT. i reALLy caN'T.
    Coach Kev very kindly asked me to lead daregroup (aka caregroup) session today. I was like... WHAT?? when I first heard it. Cos' I led the dg session once before Adventure Camp in June, and I felt like I didn't do well at all... probably because I was so self conscious of self performance. And it's true when you are conscious of self... what you do become works... and you need grace (which is full of God, and none of self). That time, cos my overseer was there too, plus another adult leader... and I was SUPER DUPER conscious of myself... cos sooo many people was watching me as I shared for dg. I was wondering why I can't lead dg when there was lesser people, why when I have to lead, there has to be sooo many people around??!! So I felt like I did a pretty poor job of leading the session. Can you imagine, when I closed the prayer, I actually blanked out?? I was like... " Thank you, Daddy for such an awesome session today... erm... *silence*....*giggles from my dear youths*...then *whispers from Coach Joy to ignore them*....and I continued, thank you Daddy for...erm...*silence*..." See how bad it was??? I was super embarrassed. Haha come to think of it. But it all came about because I was really conscious of myself, conscious of ending the session with a good and powerful prayer, and just forgetting that a simple prayer, a simple one, right from your heart, for the youths, is the most powerful one.
    And so, today was my 2nd opportunity in leading the dg session. And this time, I really spoke to the Lord about it. Told Him that I didn't want the youths to waste their saturday listening to me blubber, and leave the same as they came. And He showed me that He will speak to His beloveds through me. I don't have to worry at all. I don't. Just leave it to Him. And so there I was, right after the worship session, sometimes feeling abit fidgety, sometimes calm and feeling a peace... lol but when it came to the time to speak, (whoa, so dramatic isn't it? lol) I just went and was in the flow! The message was about being significant to God. Knowing that you are significant to the One who truely matters and you are everything to Him. I just spoke from the heart, and I could feel at some point, Daddy was speaking through me to them! It was so sweet, and at the same time, truely awesome. And it's true, when you let go, and just let God, wow. It's awesome. Of course, at some times, some self-consciousness tried to seep in, but then, it went away supernaturally again! Sitting there on the stool, facing 20 over youths, I knew by the grace of God, that they got something out of today's session. Not by what I said, but because of Daddy's presence, speaking into their lives. All glory to Jesus!

    the beauty exposed ;

    Friday, July 27, 2007

    You know what? I've been super blessed this past weeks! Just came back from a mysterious getaway... (22nd - 25th July) lol shan't mention much about it except... THE FOOD!!! Food food glorious food! Gosh, the food was absolutely mouthwatering! And every single day is a free buffet... *mouth waters* Fresh oh-so-fresh prawns, fresh-oh-yes-fresh salmon, fresh-oh-my-fresh sushi... Not forgetting, thick and hot mushroom soup...YESss....heavenly. I thank Daddy for giving us tastebuds. They are indeed God's gifts to us. Lol.

    Anyway, yes, have been wanting to blog about caregroup before I left for my mysterious trip. I really have to thank God about caregroup. Recently, my eyes have been opened to what a blessing caregroup is. Although one may not think how is caregroup related to their normal daily life, but it is! Whatever Tim Ang shared with our cg, somehow, somehow, it builds me up, and strengthens me for my walk with Jesus with my youths and very own daregroup. And it's very in line with what Jesus is telling me! For example, Daddy has been telling me the importance of spending more time with His word... but it was such a gentle reminder that I didn't exactly take such great notice of it. But the amazing thing was, a week later, Tim shared about having a personal relationship with Daddy God. Then, my overseer in Dare, Coach Julian, asked me a few days later: "Can I ask you a question, Shamane?" And the funny thing was, I knew what he wanted to ask! And I was correct! He asked me about my quiet time. Lol, God is really flowing the same direction from my 2 ministries! Dare and Arrow. And I realised how much they are intertwined. He speaks to me through them. And He wants me to get to know Him even more! That's why He's gently urging me to spend more time in the word. And caregroup has build me up, the fellowship with my cg members have also became so precious to me; gone were the past awkwardness, and now in place, was just the enjoyment of being with them.

    As for serving in Dare, the thursday before cg (19th July) was a night I couldn't sleep early. I was just lying on my bed, thinking. And Daddy God started showing me how he had worked through Cindi and I. Because we availed ourselves, we were given the privilege of being used by God for his awesome plans. Events after events, starting from November 2006 all the way until now, I saw faces after faces, flashing before me. Faces of youths who has gotten to know Jesus through us. And as faces flashed before me, I started counting. And I counted all the way till 50. Wow. 50. And out of them, about 15 of them (and counting) accepted Jesus into their life. I was shocked and amazed at the numbers! I never knew it had gotten so many. And Daddy God just reminded me that as long as we avail ourselves, He will do a great work. Such grace. Totally undeserved favour.
    And then He moved on and showed me something else. It became more of a revelation of how much my daregroup mean to me. Ever since I started serving, I saw them more of youths I have to be with, not want to be with. My being with them, and loving them, also became like a duty. And now I realised that my other leader, Coach Kev has been so understanding with me. Cos at that point of time, I haven't yet reached the stage where I share the same love with him for the youths. And just like that, on that very friday morning, it was like a drop of revelation and I just realised that not only my dg has grown so precious to me, but I realised that I love them. And I will not give them up for anything. And that revelation just blew me away. Gosh. And guess what, the next day was cg! And Tim shared about the difference between grace and works. It just blew me away. Wow. God is moving man!
    Lastly, I just have to share this. A fresh testimony from the heavenly oven! I just finished giving tuition and usually I don't share with my students about Jesus. Cos I have this super cynical student who is a 'free-thinker', so I just adhere strictly to the lesson. But today was different, when tuition ended, they didn't leave. And they started talking about the Bermuda Triangle. And from there, they went on to spirits. I don't know how it started but it was just supernatural.
    I have another student whom attends the same church as mine sometimes. Those extra times that I've spent with her, sowing seeds, seeds that I never even realised but then I saw the fruits today! She was readily adding her own testimonies even as I shared with the girl. It was awesome. And there was such a glow in this girl's eye. She had never believed and refused to hear a word about God, but right at that moment, you could see her. She was like a flower, opening up and brightening as she receives the light. When they left, I received an sms... and found out that she wanted to come to our church this sunday. I was exhilarated and so emotional.

    How great is our God,

    sing with me, how great is our God,

    and all will see how great,

    how great is our God.

    the beauty exposed ;

    Monday, July 16, 2007

    the beauty exposed ;

    Monday, July 02, 2007

    Aww... just came back from Bangkok! (20th-25th June) Had an awesome time meeting my baby cousin for the first time! He's only 5 months old, a thai born chinese. Reeeaalllyyy cuteee!!! Haha missed carrying him about and playing with him. When I first saw him, he looked like a thai prince. He was sleeping peacefully on a king-sized bed, wrapped in a bundle of warm blankets. He has such a fair complexion, and such cute red lips. And when he opened his eyes and laughed..gosh, what big eyes! And cute babyish giggle. Your heart just melts.

    Oh, more about Bangkok... haha, I just love the Sunday Market! Even though it was super hot, but gosh, the wide variety of stuffs to see... it's just endless! Ranging from scented spa oils, furnitures, uniquely designed watches, handphone covers and accessories, handbags, clothes to (give a guess) real life rabbits (dressed in cute pink dresses) and dogs! Gosh, you just keep walking around and seeing soo many cheap and affordable stuffs! I had great fun! It was truely an awesome experience.
    Had a wonderful time even though I travelled with my grandma, and my 3 aunties. Thank God my mum was there too! Haha, they were really amusing... somewhat childish at times, but all that laughing really made it enjoyable. I thank Daddy for such favour with my relatives. It's really important to rely on His supernatural favour when obstacles are faced. It's quite common that life isn't a smooth journey. It's complete with all the ups and down but I truely thank Daddy for His presence, and His going before me, that makes my down goes up. Praise Jesus!
    P.S. Check out the scenery! I took this picture from the plane's window! Can see Bangkok below with the sea and the clouds above the land. It's so awesome! What a wonderful Creator! ^^

    the beauty exposed ;