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    ...Lost in beauty

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    Wednesday, September 26, 2007

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    the beauty exposed ;

    Tuesday, September 25, 2007

    Yesterday I went to the leaders' meeting dragging my feet, feeling as if a huge dark cloud was above me. I felt suffocated; I felt drained... without realising why. My mistake was in keeping quiet and not taking authority over my situation. I am a King's kid! I am head over every area of my life. Should have recognise by the gloomy thoughts that I was being attack spiritually just before the meeting. Didn't want to go. But boy, am I so glad I went! It was so awesome, as usual. The worship was so restful in Daddy God's presence. There was peace. What Pastor Dan shared just uplifted me up once again. The fellowship at the end of it, although short, was powerful. I felt so blessed once again.

    Just want to spend a few moments to meditate on something powerful that Pastor shared!! Following what he shared, I looked up the anointing oil on the internet and this is what I found, and it's so in line with what Pastor shared!!!

    "Moreover the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, Take thou also unto thee principal spices, of pure myrrh five hundred shekels, and of sweet cinnamon half so much, even two hundred and fifty shekels, and of sweet calamus, two hundred and fifty shekels, and of cassia five hundred shekels, after the shekel of the sanctuary, and of oil olive an hin: And thou shalt make it an oil of holy ointment, an ointment compounded after the art of the apothecary, it shall be an holy anointing oil" (Exodus 30 v. 22-25).

    Thus, the ingredients were four in number, blended together; their fragrance being borne along in the power of the oil.

    The anointing oil is made up of 4 spices, the first symbolise the spirit of God, and the last symbolise the Holy Spirit. Both of five hundred shekels. The other two spices, cinnamon and calamus are of two hundred and fifty shekels. And if you were to realise, are exactly half of five hundred shekels. These two spices symbolise the spirit of Jesus himself, split at the cross for our sakes. All all these 4 spices are the symbol of the fullness of Godhead, all within the oil itself. Amazing! What power there is, in the secret of the anointing oil!

    Everytime you anoint yourself, the spirit of God moves! And if you realised, in the bible, it is kings who are anointed. The oil represents favour; bondages are broken and the oil sets you apart for His glory! Gosh, what an awesome revelation.

    Pastor shared a funny story about how the Pastor's son in the Tiberias Church actually sprinkled the oil on the flowers he sent to girl he like (the leading actress in Indonesia - a very beautiful actress with many suitors), and how he had so much favour! They are now an item. Haha!

    Apply the oil on yourself before exams; sprinkle them on every area of lack, be it studies/ work. For students, apply the oil on our study tables, our chairs, and for working adults, apply the oil on our work tables.

    There was another testimony shared by a couple to Pastor about their child. Everytime they carried their child to one particular corner of the house, the child will start crying uncontrollably. And the child's eyes will roll up. Pastor told them to apply the oil on the 4 corners of the house, and on the area itself. And after that, there was no more incident.
    Peace reigned.

    And look at David, another example of someone who was anointed by the oil. Before the anointing, he only had good natural substances. But after he was anointed, he became supernatural. He defeated Goliath, he became a king who was living in the supernatural!

    After all these truths were shared, I was utterly convinced at the treasure we have in the anointing oil. Went home and asked my mum for olive oil. Asked Daddy God to anoint the oil Himself. Haha, there was no delay man! Today I was busy having so much fun, applying the oil on my brother's study table, on his textbooks, on my study table, on the 4 corners of my parents' room, the 4 corners of my house... I was applying them everywhere, anointing them in my Daddy's name. Gosh.. it was cool! And the funny thing was, it seemed like the heavy atmosphere in my room just lifted. When my brother came back from school, he was commenting that the room feels different. Peaceful somehow. And he didn't even know what I did when he was at school today! Haha =) of course he was super happy when he heard what I shared.
    *Happy sighs of relaxation* It's a glorious day indeed.

    the beauty exposed ;

    Sunday, September 16, 2007

    Ok, this is going to be one super long post. No obligations to read, just wanted to pen down moments that I want to remember. lol, that is what happens when Shamane decides to really sit down and just blogged all the past happenings in her life. Her post just overflows. Hahaha, gosh just came back from Sunday first service. Can't wait for our new church building!!! It's going to be sooo cool... Really really so excited about sowing into it too!!! Woo hoo!

    The spoon hunt:

    Haha my little brother is super cute man. And super funny. We bought ice cream from carrefour today but couldn't eat it cos there wasn't a spoon. So my dear dad went to find spoons for us. He took so so so long... and we were just standing there and waiting... for almost ten minutes. Then my youngest brother couldn't take it anymore... for those who know Jedaiah, he is this super adorable chubby primary 5 year old kid. He told me: "Jie, I'm going to look for the spoon! And I will be much faster than dad!"
    Before I could even react, he raced off. He can be really fast about things when it concerns the matters of his heart: food. lol and just as I saw him disappear back into carrefour, a few seconds later, my dad reappeared with the spoons. Now my mum was getting impatient cos we have to wait for my bro to come back. We waited and waited; I was already eating my ice cream while watching my brother's ice cream melt. No, actually my other brother, Jedidiah, was stealing some licks of his ice cream. haha and finally, we saw Jedaiah! There he is, racing along back to us... and lo and behold, his hands were empty! He was very disappointed, telling us he couldn't find any spoon...
    Now, there wasn't much time left so my mum told him that he can only eat his ice cream when we get home... cos the taxi driver won't allow consumption of food in his taxi. Too bad, cos Jedaiah should have just waited patiently for my dad earlier. As we were walking to the taxi queue, we realised that actually Jedaiah was hiding something in his hands... he actually managed to get a spoon after all! But he didn't dare to show us... hahahaha and WHY? Because the only spoon that he managed to find, was a spatula!!! How to eat ice cream with such a tiny spoon? (Can we even call it a spoon?) hahaha I just cracked up and couldn't stop laughing man.. cos it was hilarious! Throughout the taxi ride home, all he could do to console himself was to lick his spatula...cos he couldn't eat his ice cream. Gosh, it was just sooo funny! Here are the photos I took of him; he refused to look at me. hahaha!

    Saturday 15th Sept:

    Yesterday during Dare, was the anointing service. Honestly, I was feeling super tired and just felt so incapable. Was wondering how am I able to anoint the youths when I'm not feeling righteous. Then I was reminded right at the spot that it's God's youths we are talking about. Whatever He wants to speak to them, He will get through to them no matter who is the vessel. So I told the Lord that I'm just going to avail myself to Him, and He better do the rest. Yup, I was just so tired that I couldn't be bothered with niceties. And gosh, Dare service was amazing. Pastor Dan had the coaches anoint the leaders first and then all the leaders went forth to anoint the youths. It was awesome, cos we didn't have to do much, God just took the lead. And there's power in the anointing oil; after David was anointed, he became supernatural, a boy of seventeen who killed Goliath. I really felt so blessed cos I had double portion. Pastor prayed for the students who are currently studying... for them to become supernatural in every area of their life. And I fall under the category of students! Then he also said a prayer over the leaders...and it dawned upon me that I am blessed with double portion man! Felt so refreshed and a revelation of Daddy's love embracing me all over again. Jesus is really so good. When we watched an excerpt of the Passion of Jesus... my whole body was just filled with an unnatural feeling... it was terrible, the death of Jesus.. and he persevered through the beatings... even in all the sensitive areas where they tore apart his flesh.. Jesus persevered, all for me. I just felt so loved, all over again. Sometimes, I really take him for granted.

    Friday 14th Sept (past midnight):

    Just came back from caregroup. Honestly, the Lord has been really good to me. The weeks just flew by and without realising it..no actually, I have been realising it, that the weeks are just flying by so quickly! And bang! it's 6 weeks of school, come and gone. Last year was my first year doing Computer Engineering, and gosh, what a trial. But amazingly, my second year begin very well. Even though the workload was supposedly heavier due to more core modules, but I actually find it rather enjoyable, and easy! (most of the times at least) Of course, when it comes to lab and assignments, I'm busy..and it takes quite a lot of work trying to accomplish them..mostly my programming, but other than that... hmm...surprisingly good.
    Today I lost my rest though. Somewhere in the afternoon. Forgot about enjoyment and was instead just focusing on the pile that I have to accomplish. And was just frustrated because I wasn't hitting my target. Took about 5 hours trying to finish a certain program but to no avail. Went for caregroup feeling rather drained... confused. But Daddy God is good. Really reminded me about His rest, the finished work. It's stupid to strive man. Really stupid when God already gave you everything. What's the point? Just rest, enjoy. Feed on the word and when the evening comes, all we have to do is to just divide the spoils. Haha, felt happier after caregroup.
    My eyes were opened though, by one thing Liru shared during cg. Realised that there's an area in my life where something important was neglected. It's the area of my studies... no, not the academic part. But my school life... other than the blessed lunch breaks with my different cg mates and fri cg in school...it's the part where I have to attend lectures and tutorials daily with the computer engineering cohort. There's enjoyment in the learning, but there seems no life in the company. Other than a few people where my good friend and I say hi to, the rest are just strangers. We don't even recognise most of our classmates and those that we see regularly, nobody acknowledges each other. What happened man? All of us are going to be in the same cohort for 4 years... yet, we behave like strangers. It's weird, and I start to despise the monotony of it all. And when Liru shared about the revival in her own school... I start to have this flicker of desire...it's like: hey! I want this to happen in my life too! It will definitely be more exciting! Jesus called us to be a light of this world and I want to be the light in this 'dark and gloomy' computer engineering world. Things can turn around man... and it will be a whole new school life for me where everyone is like family, warmth heating up the cold lecture theatre. Yes, that's what I want! And Tim said something that caught me... ask Daddy God for the right friends. And that night, after cg, I asked Daddy not just for right friends, but I declare to Daddy that yes, I'm ready. Use me because I avail myself. Put the right desires in me so that I will want to do the right thing. Guide me to love them. Just a smile to a new classmate will sow a seed in them. You never know. Gosh, cg is getting to be real exciting with the new freshies! Haha praise Jesus for NTU- C!

    Tuesday 4th Sept:
    Really enjoyed last last tuesday's leaders' meeting. Was thoroughly blessed that I wanted to blog immediately..but well...Shamane's a very happily busy person. Haha it was so cool la! For the first time, Pastor Dan did something different. Instead of meeting at Suntec, we met at Pine's Grove basketball court..in our sports attire at 7.30p.m. What a sight it was, to see all of the leaders there in sportswear..they all looked like they were overgrown kids having a PE class. lol. It was really awesome man..we played captain's ball, poison ball..but it was sooo fun! Man, some of the leaders were super childish...one coach (I shan't mention his name) actually climbed on the high fence and hang there like a monkey to avoid being caught!!! Hahaha poison ball was fun too...at one point in time, I threw a ball that actually hit Pastor Gabriel and got him out of the game! haha so funny manz... after the whole episode, the lights went out and then Pastor got all those who drove to ferry us to the nearby hawker centre for supper!! haha and the surprise birthday prank played by Pastor Dan was so mischievous! When the whole bunch of us crept up to Qamar and Esther with the cake, the people in the hawker centre looked on, wondering if we were going to have a gang fight cos we looked so intimidating! haha and the look on birthday victims' faces when they realised that they were not actually in deep trouble with Pastor, but that the joke was on them!

    the beauty exposed ;

    Sunday, September 02, 2007

    An intimate message from God to you.The words you are about to experience are true. They will change your life if you let them. For they come from the heart of God. He loves you. And He is the Father you have been looking for all your life. This is His love letter to you.


    the beauty exposed ;