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    ...Lost in beauty

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    Sunday, October 28, 2007

    Today, after first service, I went to the ICU. Grandma was admitted yesterday due to unknown internal bleeding. She had to do an immediate operation and the doctors said that it was a 50-50 chance of survival rate as she had a long list of ailments. And grandma didnt want to do it. She told my uncle that she'd rather not spend anymore wasted time in the hospital. She wanted to get out of the hospital fast. But she did the operation in the end, and when I finally got to saw her today. I had a huge shock.

    She looked so different. She used to always have a special smile reserved for us grandchildren but when we entered the ICU, giving her our warmest smiles...she just stared coldly at us. She had tubes all over, she couldn't speak, but what we saw in her eyes were frightening... eyes are window to the souls and we saw a pair of pained eyes..deviod of any hope. I saw a message in there that I refused to speak out.

    Of course I was affected. My immediate instinct was to just get out of the room. I was so tempted to do anything, anything just to avoid her intense stare. I was quiet for a moment and was really at loss. But one thing is certain. God is faithful no matter what happens. I don't know why...but suddenly... I wasn't affected by the atmosphere the ICU portraying. I just felt an unnatural joy..supernaturally...and the fear just left.

    I found myself walking to her bedside... and gave her this super huge warm smile. And just started chatting away... told her that all of us have remembering her in our prayers... and even shared with her that my church friends are all praying for her too...told her that everything will be alright. They were just simple words. But... I will never forget what happened.

    She just gave this beautiful wide smile. Her eyes were smiling and her smile... it was the sweetest smile that I ever saw. Everyone in the room was stunned. I don't really remember what happen after that...but I just held her hand...it was so dry and wrinkled...and then my younger brother went up to her and stroked her hand too.

    The love of God was so strongly felt in that room. Gosh... Daddy God is indeed so faithful. It is because of Him that we can become thermostats in that ICU. Everyone else's face were gloomy and anxious as they stared at her...but...wow... it was supernatural... what the love of God can do. I was just blown away. And because of how much my Daddy love my grandma too, I know that she will be totally healed and out of the hospital soon. Praise His name!

    I will never forget that smile. Thank you Jesus.

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