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    ...Lost in beauty

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    Monday, May 19, 2008

    Another semester over. I have now officially finished 2 years of Computer Engineering. Started the most tiring and infamous Semester 2 that made its name by trapping many of its victims with the tentacles that came in the name of projects that never cease to end coupled with examinations that give you a mere 10 days to prepare. The above long sentence seemed to sum it up pretty well.

    And I'm glad that I came across this Semester in the beginning of this year. Especially when the word for 2008 was that it is to be the year of manifested blessings. Praise...the... Lord! The reason for the lack of life of my blog was due to my endless business.

    Yet in the midst of the storm, I truely witness such blissful peace, and enjoyment that I never had before, doing the projects, going through the challenges, seeing how God delivered me, how my cries of despair ever so quickly became thanksgiving and shouts of praises. The joy that burnt in my heart as I prepared for exams, the light of revelation unveiling the darkness to reveal understanding in subjects, and realising that gone was the fear of exams, in replacement was excitement in familiarity.

    As much as I can remember, I have penned down all the little blessings of God in my book of blessings. It has only been the beginning of the 5th month of this year, and already, the pages of my book has been filled. I had to find a new book full of empty pages.

    I suspect I will be filling them up fast pretty soon too. Cos, this Semester break is going to be one heaven of an experience. Step into the Zone concert is coming up this Sat! Then there's Dare Engage Camp and Arrow Camp coming right up, closely behind each other too. I truely expect a harvest of testimonies to be shared in the following posts.

    I love you, Daddy God. You are too good to me.

    the beauty exposed ;