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    ...Lost in beauty

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    Wednesday, June 25, 2008

    A heart so filled with God's goodness. Failing, and learning that God's love is always there to catch me when I fall. Uplifting, trusting me still, always faithful to tell me that He loves me unconditionally, no matter what. Awesome.

    The courage to dare to vision was restored during the Engage. It was all about having faith is God's goodness, really. (P.S Been busy with my daregroup's blog: A2J!
    for our activities!)
    Arrow camp was immediately the week after the Dare camp. Was tremendously blessed by the work that Daddy God was doing in me. What a fast and accelerated work. It was all about going back to the one thing needful. It was only one thing that matter. The love of God. Everything else pales in comparison. Being so soaked, day in and day out, in the presence of sweet Jesus was just so beautiful. All titles and identities that I've held on to my reins were stripped away and rediscovered anew the one identity: my identity in Christ. I am Jesus beloved, full stop. It's all about enjoying the love of God.

    A fresh revelation how my life really needed the fresh word of God. Saw for myself that the word can be so gripping, yet tender. :)
    Love my camp group. Thank you Jesus, for so much favour and love from them!

    Recently, just started relief teaching again three days ago. It's been two years since I last stepped into the school that I came to know so many precious youths for more than 8 months. This time, was given all the upper sec normal acad and tech students. I was stunned that the favour I experienced was not just the same as two years ago, but it was even more staggering. Not only all my express ex-students remembered me, but even for those whom I did not teach before, (that is the normal acad students) there were such supernatural bonding towards me! They all knew me. And the favour. Gosh. It was so intense, that I was able to speak into their lives. And they listened.

    The malays, the chinese in the normal streams, many were misguided, some were lost (without realising it), many were hoping against hope that they could get out of the vicious cycle. Some had built defenses over the years, some were cold, and many were empty. They were all searching for a Saviour. But they didn't know. I felt so much compassion. It wasn't me. It was God. And I knew that when I encouraged them, God was already doing His work in their midst. Teachers who couldn't handle their classes were telling me that their classes said they love me, remembered what I taught and wanted me to stay permanently. The teachers were amazed that such a notorious class whom everyone had already given up hope, were still able to learn. But I know the reason.

    When He gave me such astounding favour, it was for a greater purpose.

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