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    ...Lost in beauty

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    Tuesday, July 08, 2008

    The meaning of favour is fully realised when you come upon a day where you seems not to experience it. After today, it dawned on me how tender the Lord has been to me for such a long time. He has been so protective, sheltering me as much as he can. Watching in delight as I totally enjoyed the favour that he lavished on me. Even as I took for granted and basked in His favour and goodness.

    It was today, when I came knocking on the doors of reality, that the harshness and selfishness of people slamming doors in my face, despite the bubbly favour that was on me, really hurt and stung. And in spite of these encounters in the darkness of the lone corridors, Daddy God's gentle comfort reminded me that even if no one was willing, He will prove Himself faithful in the end. I may not see it today, but it's about deciding still to trust in His faithfulness. To know that ultimately, at the end of it all, He will come through for me. And it was as if, at that very moment, He was patting me on the head, gently saying that He was proud of me.

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